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KAL, 마그네슘 글리네이트 400, 400 ㎎, 180 정



가격 : ₩26,522

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이 제품은 고객님이 거주하는 국가에서 구입하실 수 없는 제품입니다. 쇼핑에 불편을 드려 죄송합니다. 다른 상품들을 한 번 둘러봐 주십시오.

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Revlon, Colorstay, 피니싱 파우더, 880 반투명, 0.3oz(8.4g)


가격 : ₩7,826

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  • 16시간 동안 번들거림 없이
  • 오일 프리
  • 자극 없음
  • 논코메도제닉
  • 파라벤 무함유

번들거림 없이 보송한 마무리가 하루 종일 지속되는 메이크업을 완성해주는 은은한 반투명 파우더.

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메이크업 후 화장을 부드럽게 고정해 줍니다.

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Hyland's, Young Adult, ClearAc, 194 mg , 50 Quick-Dissolving Tablets


가격 : ₩11,480

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  • Since 1903
  • Homeopathic 
  • Natural Relief 
  • Acne 
  • Pimples
  • Blotches
  • Unhealthy Skin
  • Non-Habit Forming 
  • No Contradictions or Side Effects
  • Non-Drowsy
Most young adults suffer from acne breakouts at some point during this time in their lives. The idea of putting harsh chemicals on your skin, or in your body, to ease the symptoms is unappealing to many young adults. Hyland's ClearAc™ is a specially formulated tablet that dissolves easily under your tongue and gets to work without the need to mess with washes, masks or peels.

Uses: Temporarily relieves symptoms associated with acne, including: pimples, blotches or unhealthy skin.

◀제품 사용법▶

Adults and Children 12 years and over: Dissolve 3 tablets under tongue every 8 hours until relieved. 

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