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Elensilia, Elensilia-CPP, Caviar 80 Renovage Gold Cream, 50 g



가격 : ₩11,365

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  • 80% Caviar Ext. Active
  • Revitalizing Cream with Renovage™
  • Innovation Build on Your Skin by Elensilia
  • Active Ingredients From Sederma in France
  • Reduce Wrinkles and Symptoms of Aging
  • Nutrition - Youth- Revitalizing
Renovage™ protects skin against stress by stabilizing telomere. Its help protect the skin against harmful environmental influences & help support the function of your skin, helping reduce the signs of aging.

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ChildLife, Healthy Vision SoftMelts, Natural Berry Flavor, 27 Tablets


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Skin79, Dark Panda, BB Cream, SPF 50+, PA+++, 30 ml


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  • Brightening
Brightening BB that makes your skin radiant containing Bambusa Vulgaris Extract.

Customized Animal BB - Animal BB for smarter skin care suggesting right color and texture based on skin condition and color. 

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Apply on the entire face using the puff at the last step of base make-up. 

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