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Natural Vitality, Calm, The Anti-Stress Drink Mix, Watermelon, 8 oz (2…



가격 : ₩15,919

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  • Natural Vitality
  • A Magnesium Supplement
  • With Other Natural Flavors
  • Non GMO Project Verified
  • Vegan
  • Gluten 
Experience Calm: Your may notice muscles relaxing and an overarching sense of calmfulness.

Multi-award-winning Natural Vitality Calm®, developed by Peter Gillham, is the best-selling magnesium supplement in the natural products market. (April 2019 Volume sales data for Natural Products markets as defined by SPINS).

Why magnesium?

We all encounter stress daily whether we realize it or not, and our bodies can respond by depleting our magnesium levels.

We invite you to help replenish your body's magnesium levels and enjoy the wave of calmfulness.

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Recommended Use for Adults:  We suggest starting out with half a teaspoon (1 g) of Natural Vitality Calm™ powder, gradually increasing to two teaspoons (4 g) daily.

Start by placing your desired amount of powder into a cup or mug, add 2-3 ounces of warm water and let your drink fizz. Stir the drink until the powder is completely dissolved, then fill the remainder of the cup with warm or cold water. Now experience Calm.

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Laura Mercier, Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick, Ruthless, 0.035 oz (1.4 g)


가격 : ₩22,674

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  • 기본 제공 쉐이퍼 포함
  • 피부과 전문의 테스트 완료
색소가 가득찬 전체 커버력 매트 강도의 색상.

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입술 위에 누르듯이 균일하게 바릅니다. 기본 제공 쉐이퍼를 사용하여 정확한 라인과 상세한 필링을 위해 팁을 맞춰 사용합니다.

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Simply Organic, 매콤한 카레 가루, 79g(2.80oz)


가격 : ₩5,151

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  • 순수, 단순, 즐거움
  • USDA Organic(미국 농무부 유기농 인증)
  • Kosher
  • Certified Organic by QAI(QAI 유기농 인증)

◀제품 사용법▶

소스를 만들려면 양념과 코코넛밀크를 1 : 2~3 비율로 섞으십시오.

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RealHer, Do Your Squats, Shadow Palette II, 0.36 oz (10.8 g)


가격 : ₩30,955

◀제품 설명▶

  • Vegan
  • Certified Cruelty Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Long Wear
  • Talc Free 
Featuring richly-pigmented hues and sexy combinations designed for all eyecolors and skin tones. Delight in longwearing; crease-resistant, fade-resistant, buildable colors in textures ranging from velvety smooth matte to metallic sheen. 

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Apply gently to eyelids with eye brushes. 

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